The Story of Abigale and George

Hi, My name is Abigale, alias: Gabby Abby and Gabber. I am a full blooded black and red, miniature pinscher baby. I was in a foster home for a while, I had two foster sisters that lived there all the time and they had a boy. My foster mom looked for a permanent home for me so that I would get lots of TLC. I don't know what that means but I think it meant that I needed to be spoiled with lots of love. I was so nervous to meet my new parents, but they were great! They brought me a toy and treats. We became friends immediately! Now I have a REAL Mom and Dad and boys of my very own!!! AND now my family adopted a brother min-pin for me!!! His name is George. They got us both from IMPS-Internet Miniature Pinscher Service. Soon we will have more pictures of the two of us on this page, so come back and look again!

These are some pictures of me.

This is me with George. He is a red miniature pinscher. Don't we look beautiful together? George is truely doing so much better than when he first came home. He used to tuck his tail and run alot to keep from being touched by humans, but I told him he didn't have to worry here.

This is me with my forever Mommy!
I love to snuggle with her!!!
We love to snuggle under the covers with Mommy and Daddy at night!

This is us with our forever Daddy! He feeds us popsicles!! YUMMY!!!

This is me with my other furry brothers the cats. Their names are Frank, Bean and Krum.

I am a Daddy's girl. Mommy is making him take me to obedience classes because he spoils me soooo much!

I don't mind a bit!

My Mom says, "As you know, Abber is the total opposite of George and is considered anybody's dog that will pet (or feed) her! She loves everyone. It is fun to watch them play now that George has relaxed a bit. He is begining to chase her some now instead of always running away when they are playing. They are so fast. We laugh so hard at them. She will dart under the couch but her hind legs or feet will be sticking out. All the while, George is still running thru the house like they are still playing chase. They have become best buddies. I still kennel them when we are gone but I really think he would be fine to roam the house. We both know Abby is just not ready for that!! She will learn eventually. They both sit/stay for treats but I haven't worked on much else yet. I wanted to keep it low stress for a while til George was more comfortable. Their Dad and I made a gate for the front porch today. We will paint it tomorrow and hang it Tuesday. That way we can sit on the porch and they can come out with us. They love to come out and lay in the sun. We have rocking chairs and a swing out there and when it is nice we hang out there alot."

These were my two foster sisters, Shiloh and Zoë. They were both adopted, so they understood how I felt. They were real nice to me. They let me share their food and they played with me all the time, so I didn't feel lonely.


That is about all I know right now. Remember, I will keep you filled in as we get new pictures, so come back and visit my page again.

Shiloh says it all!

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