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While the buttercups and daffodils were in their Sunday dresses,
I did a wee bit of housekeeping on me page.

Now that the roses and daylillies are a'blooming,
I am afraid those naughty pixies have made a mess of it again!!

Is there ne'er any rest for a poor faery?
But, I am not a'complaining.
Despite what you have heard, the likes of me would never do that!
(devilish grin & wink)

While a long way from being finished,
I do have a few previews to show you what is in store for the next growing season!
Have changed a few things, I have,
and me site has some new additions to keep the other faeries happy!

Be a'clickin on the pictures below to see all me hard work.

Tell all the other pixies, that I send me best!