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A Faerie's Tale


Chapter III

I never knew that wingless humans could be so much fun!

"Siskin, my name is SIS-KIN," I said.
"Shish-kin," she prounounced proudly.
"Shish-kin, Shis-kin, Shis-kin," she squealed.
Rosie's mother, father and brother laughed and laughed.
"Oh very funny," I said,
as I flew wildly around their heads.
Rosie was laughing, too. Her chubby little cheeks were


Luckily, that awful night, I was able to locate my faerie friends.
They flew to get help, while I hurried back to take care of Rosie.
We were deep in that forest.
With the dragon lurking,
it took two days and many teams of humans to find us
and keep HIM distracted.


What a brave little girl.
In those days that I kept her hidden,
she contently munched on berries and drank drops of
water from flower blossom buckets.

We often heard the dragon roar.
Frightened, Rosie would whimper.
I would put a finger to her lip and she to mine.
She was growing weak.
I would touch her soft little hand.
"Please, hold on a bit longer, sweet baby."


After the rescue, I talked to my Mama.
She listened for a long time to the whole story, before she spoke.
"My little one," she said,
"You have learned the faerie lesson very well."
She knew I had to leave the forest.


I told her, " I will return to the forest some day.
Right now, I need to keep watch over a silly
wingless creature, named Rosie."
She understood.

So, Pushkin....that is the end of the story.
The rest is history."

"But Great Grandmother, I still don't understand
the faerie lesson!"

"Oh my darling Pushkin, there is much to the lesson.
When you are little, everything else is so big and complex.
Just remember...
...never go looking for trouble,
it will find you.
And, sometimes trouble isn't such a bad thing.
Sometimes trouble is just human.
That is why it is such a big job to be a little faerie!"

The end.

Hope you enjoyed the faerie tale.
Watch for A Faerie's Tale II to appear soon.