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Fall is a time to rethink our beliefs.

It's a good time to wander
into the woods in search of truths.
Since you have come so far
into my Faery Garden,
I will let you in on a tiny little secret,
...and I will let you see some more of my sketches,
but, only if you promise to never tell.
We Faeries have to remain a secret,
if we are to survive.

Well,do you promise?



Here goes...

My little friend above is named Siskin.
She is really my Great-Grandmother.
Isn't she a dish?


That's me over on the branch
to the left, and when I was still little, above.
My name is Pushkin.
I am always trying to learn
how to be a better faery.
My family and I live in a forest
near a castle.


I am just a little faery now.
When I get big I am gonna help all
those poor wingless creatures called "humans."

One of the jobs
we faeries do is to sneak into "little human's" rooms at night.
We pick up the teeth they leave under their pillow.
Sometimes, we leave money for the teeth...
...if we don't forget.


This picture of a tooth-faery was inspired by Michael.

Now, do you believe?


Except for the picture of
the fairy ring with the moon in the background (summer garden),
by Diana Elizabeth Stanley, the drawings by Brian Froud(winter garden),
and most of the animated gifs, all of the drawings,
backgrounds and image graphics on this and previous pages are
my original artwork. I am a master's degree art therapist, not a real artist.
Feel free to copy anything you see. However, if you do,
it would sure be nice if you linked back to my site!
Be sure to visit my
Dragon Page.

It is filled with dragon drawings by children and young teen artists!
It is a creative page!
Speaking of are my two kiddos, Ellyn and Michael!!!

They are very creative!


Read more about
Great Grandmother Siskin in "A Faerie's Tale!"