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A Faerie's Tale


Chapter II

"Have you learned nothing from what I have told you?
What am I going to do with you Siskin?," Mama scolded.
This time, I listened.
But, once again, I felt safe and warm in Mama's arms,
as she whisked me away from that terrible dragon.
Over time, Mama taught me all about
being a faerie.
She taught me how to fly "fasta" to avoid dragons.

I grew and grew--well, as much as faeries are allowed to grow!


Mama also told me that I must always be helpful to humans.
She told me that most humans had good intentions.
"Well," she said, "Not all have good intentions,
but, most of those who don't,
just need love."

I thought they looked like scary
big faeries without wings.
I knew I could just fly away from them.
However, without wings, I wondered how they could ever
escape from a dragon.

At 1103, I was a teenager in faerie years.
I thought I knew everything!


I seldom thought about my earlier encounter with the dragon.
In fact, the only time I really thought about the
dragon was after I had one of those
frightening dreams about falling.
I would fall, but never hit bottom.
I would scream, but no one would hear me.

So, most of the time, I just ignored my fear.
I would play in the forest, doing what faeries do best.
I would fly around and dance!


I was flying home from a dance one night when I heard
a strange sound off in the distance.
It sounded like a baby crying...
...a human baby!
"How could that be?," I wondered.
I followed the sound.
It was coming from the deepest part of the woods,
near where I had nearly met my doom with that dragon.

"Oh, what should I do? What should I do?"

The baby had fallen into a shallow pit.
"How did she get way out here? That dragon...
...he is the answer. The dragon brought her here!"
Mama told me that dragons had been known to snatch human babies
right from their cribs.
It didn't look like she had been there long.
I knew that meant the dragon was not far away.

I was afraid to leave the baby, but I needed to get help.
She kept crying.
I hovered around her until I got her attention.
"Look at me, dance with me, fly with me," I sang.

She stopped crying and began to watch me.
I performed all of my antics until I made her laugh.
Since the pit was not very deep,
I decided to coax her into climbing out.
Then I thought, I would tempt her into a hiding place,
lull her to sleep and fly away fast to get help.


The plan almost worked.
I got her to safety just inside a cave, on a blanket of moss,
and covered her with leaves and grass to keep her warm.
Then I gently rubbed her head and sang to her
until she went to sleep.
I peeked outside just in time to hear the dragon roar.
He was obviously angry that his midnight snack had gotten away.
I knew I would have to fly "fasta" than I had ever flown in
my life to save this child.

[evil dragon]


A Faerie's Tale
Chapter III

[goofy dragon]