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Once upon a time...


...there were faeries and dragons
that lived
amid castles and forests.

Original artwork and story by Connie
(copyright 1998)


This story will continue in a moment, but first,
I wanted to show you some photos
taken over the past twenty (or so) years.
Please, tell me the years have been kind!

This story is not about me,
it's about a young fairy
who discovers the love of a human
and in the process, discovers herself.

My fascination with fairies began in my childhood.

My family got by, but they had little money to spend on toys.
I remember having only one
good children's book.
A second hand gift, the book had been in my grandmother's
new, "rich"husband's family.

I still have the book.
The binding no longer holds in the pages,
and the pages are a bit frayed,
but it is still a "wonder" to me.
It has both my "step"grandfather's name and my name
on the inside cover, along with the date that I "inherited"
the great treasure...1963.

The book has magical stories about fairies
that dance near castles, by twilight.
I would read the stories for hours, completely lost
in the wonderful tales.

My fairy tale has some similarity to my own life.
To create the story and pictures,
I have used my memories...
...memories of that book, and of my traumas and joys.
The tale incorporates stories and symbols that
I have collected over the past twenty years, while
working with children, victims and survivors of abuse, and
chronically mentally ill patients.
This story also contains anecdotes from
and about my own two delightful children and their friends.
I hope you
enjoy this very real ...

A Faerie's Tale


Once upon a time, there were faeries
and dragons that lived amid castles and forests.


"I must really have been loved by my mother.
I remember the warmth of her body as she rocked
and sang to me.
No other voice was so sweet.
Mama would also stroke my hair and blow gentle puffs
of wind around my wings
as if to teach me that one day my wings
would take me to wonderful places.

[me in a tree]

Mama hadn't always approved of the
things that I seemed to get myself into.
However, this time
I was completely and hopelessly at a loss.
I had been hanging in this
tree for hours.
It was really high...I was afraid
for the first time in my life.
I cried out for Mama, but she must not have heard me.

"Uh, what was that?"
I heard a loud noise. It was a roar.
Then there was a jolting thump on my bottom.
A dragon had swatted me with it's tail!
I could no longer hold on to the tree.
I screamed as I fell.
Knowing the end was near, I closed my eyes.
"Mama is right, I'm going to be eaten by a dragon!"


A Faerie's Tale
Chapter II

[silly dragon]