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The Faerie's Ring

^*^ Lure of the Dance ^*^

* scene 1 *
The area is blocked with barricades. Police are keeping the spectators at an even greater distance. Then, with the final count and a muffled "ka-boom," the old building trembles and then crumbles to the ground in a single, gigantic cloud of dust. The event is over, just that quick. The crowd begins to thin. An odd looking, very elderly couple remain. Their arms are around one another as they alternately gaze at the remaining rubble and smile at one another.

Faeries are seen not with the eye but through the heart.

* scene 2 *
(years & years earlier...)
The empty lot looks out of place, amidst the tall buildings and factories all around. The lot is overgrown with a wild mess of weeds and there are worn areas of hard sandy dirt. The immigrant children playing on the ground, don't seem to notice the oddity. Different groups of children are playing games. One group squeals and chases a large size ball, kicking and calling fouls on one another. Other children are playing solitary games. Some other small groups of children are playing games involving balls and sticks. Most of the children sit on the ground in a circle. They chat quietly, point at butterflies and whisper to one another. After a while, just at dusk, all of the children join the circle and begin to sing joyfully and do a sort of dance around the circle. Then the playground world gets quiet as the children scatter, and each head in the direction of his or her own home.
The noises of the city night begin.

* scene 3 *
(later that week - city council meeting)
English isn’t the language being spoken in the audience. The meeting calls to order. The people try to make a request of the city. They attempt to ask that the empty lot be cleaned up and made into a real park for the children. The leader of the counsel, not understanding the language, hushes the crowd and announces that the city plans to put a factory in the vacant lot. The construction of the factory will begin within two weeks.

It is said, mortals who wander close to a faerie’s circle will be drawn into the dance in the blink of an eye .

* scene 4 *
(in another realm)
The sound of lively music is heard. Wee ones are dancing in a circle. A very tall young boy with dark curly hair wanders close to the circle and stumbles in. He is pulled into the dance. An elderly couple clap their hands, as they watch the wonderful show. The boy seems to be enjoying himself completely, as well. He laughs and laughs as he is pulled around the circle by the wee ones.

In the blink of an eye the world can change.

* scene 5 *
A large crowd gathers in front of a run down building. A very tall man, with dark curly hair, dressed in a suit, walks to a microphone before the crowd, as another man introduces the new mayor. The mayor begins to speak. "A long time ago, the city counsel allowed some wealthy business people to build this factory. The factory gave jobs to many people. The city counsel thought that they were doing a good thing. To many, it was a good thing, but, one thing was not good. There were other places for people to work, but this empty lot was the only playground in the city. It was a place where children could sing and dance with butterflies. I know well, how important this lot was to those children, for I was one of the children. So, I am extremely pleased and feel it is only fitting this space be given back to our children. Beginning today, the lot will be known as The Butterfly People Park."
A gazing ball is unveiled.

Listen carefully. Dance wildly. Enjoy life.
Play with the reckless abandonment of a child.
Touch softly.
Love like there is no tomorrow.

Enjoy your visit. Hope that you return real soon.
Færie hugs, Pushkin.

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