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The Faery Experience


Have you ever seen a flash of light
or sudden quick movement out of the corner
of your eye that could not be explained?

Have you ever seen flickers of light
around your house plants or flowers?

When out in nature, have you ever felt as if
the woods themselves were watching you?

Have you ever walked down the street
and the fragrance of a tree or flower hits you strongly?

This is often a signal that you are being greeted.

Some people experience this
while those that may be walking with them do not.

Do you or have you ever felt uncomfortable in your basement, attic,
or dark areas of the house?

Dark elves often take up residence in such places.

As a child (and maybe even as an adult)
did your closet have to be closed before you
could feel comfortable enough to go to sleep?

Did you ever see, think, or believe there was something or someone in your closet?
Again, dark elves that take up residence in people's
homes will often use the corners of a closet.

Did you ever have or ever see a child
with an "imaginary" playmate?

Often they are not imaginary at all,
but are members of the faery realm.

Did you ever observe children
when playing and see them talking to themselves--
especially when participating in outdoor activities?

Do you find that talking to your plants helps them grow?

Have you ever walked through an open field and
found yourself brushing spider webs from your face?
Spider webs do not form at face-level in open fields.
They need something to cling to.
Usually in such occurrences, you have been brushed
by a field faerie.

Did you ever hear music or singing from unidentified sources?

Do your dreams often and consistently
involve outdoor environments -- woods,
fields, streams, etc?
This can often signal a calling by the faeries to you or memories of times in which you encountered them.

Have you ever encountered an old woman while out
walking in nature,
only to turn around the next moment and find her gone?

Have you ever been sitting outside singing
or humming softly and seen animals draw closer?
Faeries and elves often take the form of animals and are drawn to storytelling and music,
especially when simple and from the heart.

Have you ever found things inexplicably appearing, disappearing, or being rearranged in your house?

Did you ever find yourself excessively
sleepy when camping or on extended nature outings?

The energies of nature spirits can induce
altered states, and if sleeping on
or near a faery mound, you may find yourself
unusually tired.

This is called the "Rip Van Winkle syndrome".

Do you ever dream of strange beasts or dragons?

Do you feel upcoming changes in the weather before there are any signs?

Are your favorite times of day dawn and dusk?
Favorite time of year autumn or spring?

This text was taken from the book
Enchantment of the Faery Realm

by: Ted Andrew


I believe...

...I really do!

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Færie hugs, Pushkin.

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