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Ooops!!! You have fallen into a faeRy rInG!!!
What will happen now?

It is true that if a human falls into the trance of the faerie circle, he or she can be there for years! It's not too late to turn back!

Hurry, click on the leaf to go back.

wAtcH fOr fALLiNg wEbLiNkS aNd fLyiNg FaiRiEs!

go back...go back...go back...go back...go back...go back...go back...

Hurry (LAST CHANCE) click on the leaf to go back.

Of course, if you are a faerie, then you didn't worry, so here you are!

Now, please read about some of my friends...

First there is Sherry, she has been my best friend forever and ever. We met soon after our oldest children were born!
They played together and are still great friends!
She is the sister I never had.
She is the most forgiving, loving and energetic person I know.
Like me, she suffers from arthritis, but unlike me, she doesn't let it get her down. She just pushes herself that much harder. She is always there when I need a "pick-me-up," even with three kids (two of them 7 year old twins!)

Next, there is Sandy,Waya or WolfDreamer, she is Native American through and through.
She is teaching me the way of my Native ancestors.
She is also a healer (medicine woman) or so I have dubbed her!
She is intelligent, intuitive, warm and supportive.
Her raiki massages are the best!
She dubbed me Running Fawn.
Please visit her webpage.
It is Wolfdreamer's Den

Cyndie is a dear friend that I have met online. She is a Prom Queen from New York City (yes, NEW YORK CITY!!!) but don't hold that against her! She is a sweet, sweet lady. She loves her fiance' Scott, and her two boys, so much!! She has given me the kick in the "batootie" that I needed to start renewing my webpages AND my life. Thanks, blondie!
Visit Cyndie's new in the works webpage at
Cyndie's Page

Many MORE to come!!!!