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My newest award of the Millenium is from the
Institute for Astroenergetic Studies (IAS) & Manjushri Mandala

May this Tibetan dragon-king grant you even more wisdom, energy, success, health, prosperity and a long life.
Please visit this site!! It is truly wonderful!!!
Institute for Astroenergetic Studies

This awesome award was a gift from Saffrin's Fairyland. Visit her site by clicking on the award!

These wonderful awards came from Krista and The Faerie Dell

This magical award was from Julie at The Land of Believe

This is a beautiful award from my friend Christina:

Be sure to visit her AWESOME castle!!!
You will love her animated pages!!

I am so proud and honored to have been given this gift by:
Fae Zephyr de Mara.

This is a treasured gift from very talented and sweet, Lady Charlotte:

Please visit her site: Charlotte's Web

The next award was given to me for having a "high-quality website that celebrates the innocence and magic of childhood, for the young and young-at-heart."

This was sent to me for a
"faerie dusting!"

This was an amazing gift from the heart!!

Visit this wonderful lady by clicking on the flying witch!

Please, take this award as your gift for coming to my page.
Just right click on the award and select "save picture as..."

Also, I am pleased to unveil a new award!!

If you would like to nominate a webpage for this award, please click on the
Fairy Garden's favorite site AWARD,
sending me an e-mail that includes the webpage address and the reason you think the webpage should have the award.
Otherwise, I will just keep bestowing them as gifts to webpages and people that happen to touch my heart.

The following pages have been given my award:
Jennifer's Angels
Planet YahYah
Institute for Astroenergetic Studies (IAS) & Manjushri Mandala
Mrs.Giggles, Everything Romantic Page
The Land of Believe
Beauty and the Beast
Heksemutters Side
The Faerie Dell
All Things Medieval
Zuben and Emeline's Hobbit Hole
Crystal Rose
The Fairy Workshop
Rod's Page
Christina's Castle
Fanchette's Web Page
!!Be Renewed!!

If you have received an award from Pushkin and your page does not appear on this list, please forgive me and then send me a reminder to add you to the list!

Your journey has nearly ended. Be careful as you exit the ride.
On second thought, why exit at all? Just click on the faery sketch to begin the thrill again!

This page is still under reconstruction.
Sorry for the inconvenience.

Come back soon and see the new work!!

Færy Hugs, Pushkin

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